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February 26 – March 9, 2018

Results Are In!

From February 26 – March 9 almost every elementary school in the district joined the San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation to raise money for TK-5 Music Education.

The 2018 SMFC Ed Foundation Read-A-Thon was a great success with over 870,000 minutes read and $64,000 raised for our TK-5th Grade Elementary Music programs!  That’s $26,000 more than last year!

An enormous thank you to the 12 participating elementary schools and to a generous local bank for matching the fundraising efforts of Foster City Elementary students.

Special acknowledgement to the top five inspirational readers who gathered the highest sponsorships:
Colten S. (Meadow Heights)
Jocelyn S. (Highlands)
Jaxson S. (Foster City Elem.)
Quinn W. (George Hall)
Aeon V. (Beresford)

Last but not least, the Read-A-Thon would not be possible if not for our amazing teachers!
Kudos to our top five classes, each raising well over $1000
College Park: Ms. Tong, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Shi & Ms. Hiraga
Meadow Heights: Ms. Andrews

Thank you for turning pages into dollars!

College Park – $10,554
Foster City – $9,695
Audubon – $5,057
Meadow Heights – $4,961
Fiesta Gardens – $3,476
Laurel – $3,456
George Hall – $3,547
Highlands – $3,289
Parkside – $3,350
Brewer Island – $2,744
San Mateo Park – $2,254
Beresford – $1,518

We want to make sure music is preserved for EVERY student in our district.
We will see you again in 2019!

Please join the effort to save music through Read-A-Thon, an educational, equitable, fun way to raise money for a good cause.

Thanks to our local libraries for sponsoring this event!

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