Our Mission

The San Mateo Foster City Community Education Foundation’s Mission:

The San Mateo Foster City Education Foundation believes every child deserves the best education possible.  For too long, State funding has been severely inadequate and has failed to provide our children with essential learning experiences. The Foundation aims to fill this gap by funding a wide variety of education opportunities to help our diverse community of students achieve their full potential.

Inspiring students to dream and create their best tomorrow

The foundation is committed to reaching every child in the San Mateo Foster City School District. A strong school district does more than just support the children in its care, it impacts the entire community. A strong school district produces a smart and motivated supply of workers, and benefits the local economy, sustaining local businesses and property prices. We are committed to reaching out to our greater community, raising awareness of the value of supporting local schools to those outside of the immediate parent base. We believe so strongly in this that several members of the board are devoted entirely to outreach, both within the school district and outside to the corporations and businesses that rely on our business and the workforce that this district is creating.